Nice Attack: How many more will it take to wake us up?

Only a few days back, a French intelligence officer remarked that the country was on the verge of a civil war, that one terror attack was all that would take to plunge the country in the depths of Civil War. Then, Nice Attack happened. On Bastille Day, as the French were celebrating the ethos of Liberty and Equality and Fraternity, a Muslim Tunisian immigrant mowed down scores of French, killing 80 and injuring about a 100.

Even as the country was recovering from the rush of adrenaline brought about by the European Football Championship, one would have thought it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. The security was at high alert during the entire duration of the European championship as intelligence agencies had good reason to expect an attack to mark the celebration of football. The football championship, however, came to its logical conclusion without any major mishap. But Bastille day wasn’t as lucky.

The perpetrator of the Nice Attack was, to no one’s surprise, a Muslim and an immigrant. Even before Europe imported hundreds and thousands of migrants within its borders, France was already battling a major Islamic radicalization problem. It goes without saying Merkel’s brainless Open Borders Policy has considerably worsened the scenario. ISIS has repeatedly asserted it has infiltrated Europe with its terrorists. One can only imagine how many are already within Europe planning the next attack at this very moment.
Nice Attack: European way of life is dead

The European way of life is dead. Europe has fallen. Until something miraculous happens, Europe is well on its way to becoming the Middle East. President Hollande has further extended the state of emergency in the nation. With massive crime rates among migrants and the constant threat of another terror attack looming in the air, one tends to think a Civil War is indeed just around the corner. But it is most likely to be prevented by establishing a Police State.

Nice Attack: Time to revisit Trump’s Proposal?

Time has come for Liberals to admit that Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim refugees does make sense. If those that are already in Europe and America are prone to committing acts of unspeakable horror, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to import thousands more who adhere to the same ideology that inspires Global terrorism. At an age where Radical Islam engenders core values of Liberty, it makes no sense whatsoever to sacrifice national security for the sake of appearing ‘tolerant.’

Nice Attack: Cringe worthy News Titles and Defense of Liberals

The Left-liberal ecosystem that has helped terrorism spread across the globe by providing it the cover of Political Correctness it needs to perpetuate itself should have been held accountable long ago but it’s better late than never. The same ideology that prevents Europe from taking harsh measures to defend itself lectures India on its ‘human rights violations’ in Kashmir. The people who cannot even defend themselves from armed robbery are dictating policies on how to tackle Islamic terrorism, it is insane what is happening in Europe at the moment and the manner in which Europe has so easily caved in on the face of a vicious enemy.

The narrative that mainstream Western media outlets have tried to perpetuate is even more puke-inducing. ‘Truck Attack’, ‘Truck mowing down crowd‘, ‘Truck’s path of destruction’, it almost gives one the impression that one fine day, a truck revved up its engine and decided to go on a killing spree. One wouldn’t put it beyond them to demand ‘Truck Control’ as so many people have joked, the jokes might have been funny if circumstances weren’t so morbid.
World Leaders, as per routine, condemned the horrific act of terror on French soil. While President Hollande clearly blamed Radical Islam as the root cause of terror, many world leaders still refrained from using the term Radical Islam or Islamic terrorism. A war was never won without recognising the enemy and naming them. And yes, the civilized world is at war with barbarians today.

Nice Attack: Heartbreaking images

One of the most powerful images doing the rounds of the internet today is the image of a doll lying on the road beside the corpse of a child. The child is symbolic of the Western Civilization as it stands today. Liberals and Progressives in their hatred of their native culture have compromised the future of Western Civilization: The Children. The Children will grow up in a Europe increasingly torn apart by Radical Islam, countless lives will be sacrificed in the process of retuning Europe to normalcy, if ever it returns to normalcy that is. They will grow up in a world that is hostile to them, eventually, they’re the ones who will have to pay for the sins of their fathers and their mothers. The Nice Attack has brought Europe to its knees today and all because progressives put their twisted sense of morality before the future of their children.

Courtesy – The Frustrated Indian.


5 thoughts on “Nice Attack: How many more will it take to wake us up?

  1. As sad as it makes me to say this, we must defend our liberties by fighting back against the people trying to defeat who we are and robbing us of our forefathers’ foundations.

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  2. After reading your blog, I would think that you believe that the reason terrorism is occurring in the Western world is because of the religion of Islam, coming from how you agreed on Trump’s policy on Muslim immigration. I am going to write this comment under the influence that you are partly from a Western country, as you seem to know a lot about America’s presidential candidacy. In your article, you wrote about how people that are living in Europe and Africa are already prone to unspeakable horror, and sending in more people under the belief of the same ideology would just cause more terrorism. Normally, I would agree with you on the basis that Radical Islamists (not muslims) are the cause of terrorism in the Western world, but how can that be when according to the Huffington Post, less than 10% of attacks in the West were caused by Radical Islamists? In America, only 6% of terrorists were muslim, while in Europe, only 2% of terrorists have been muslim, this showing that radical islamists aren’t the main cause of terrorism. If that were the case, then terrorism caused by muslims would have the highest percentage, but in reality, terrorism caused by muslims in the Western world actually have the lowest percentage rates. By the way, the Huffington Post received their information from the FBI, and their article is titled Muslims Are Not Terrorists: A Factual Look at Terrorism and Islam by Omar Alnatour, the link being If my comment offended you or your thinking in anyway, I apologize as that was not my intention whatsoever. My intention in writing this post is to simply let you know that Islamic Radicalism isn’t the main cause of terrorism in the West, and to ask you what your proposal is to stop terrorism in the West.

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    • I’m an Indian. My neighbor is Pakistan. Since 1947 my country has been suffering from the Islamic terrorism sponsored by Pakistan as its state policy. I want you to do some research on it. LeT, JeM, Taliban, ISI & now ISIS are giving training to young people of Pakistan to fight against India in the name of Islam, in the name of Jihad & the greed that they will get 72 virgins if they kill ‘Kafirs’ i.e. non-muslims (Hindus, Christians, jews, sikhs etc). Seriously WTF!!!

      India has been appealing to the world that there’s Islamic terrorism exported by some particular countries but the West & the Europe never paid any attention & now they are suffering.

      No religion teaches you to be a terrorist. But if terrorism is linked with a particular religion, it’s high time for their religious leaders to decide what they want their children n future generations to become.

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