What’s happening in Europe??

That look , when you realise that you have destroyed your own country by your stupid decisions.

At least 10 people, including the possible suspect, were killed in Friday’s attack at the Olympia shopping centre, a police spokesman said early on Saturday.

So Angela Merkel not only welcomes the immigrants, but bans sausages, separates men and women in trains, lets them shit in swimming pools and showers, molest women in railway stations, but also allows them to freely move in trains and malls with guns and axes, shooting and killing her own citizens, to demonstrate how inclusive and liberal she is!

Such inclusiveness, much liberalism. Wow!

What is happening the world over now with the latest Munich killing is a lesson for all the liberal leaders of the world.

If you close your eyes to the elephant in the room, don’t complain later when you get trampled by it.

Left liberal idiots everywhere.


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