Naga Regiment of the Indian Army.


This incident happened when Naga Regiment was newly raised in the Indian Army and Pakis had no clue what material the Nagas were made of!

The Nagas were given the customary welcome( two mortar shells were fired by the Pakistani army on Indian army)  on their induction, but they did not retaliate.

Then, for the next two consecutive nights, a couple of Paki soldiers would cross over to the Indian side, lob hand-grenades at the Naga post and run back.


On the third night, a few Naga soldiers laid an ambush and caught 2 Pakis. They brought the Paki soldiers back enough to be hidden from the Paki OP sights.

They tied the Pakis to a tree, lit a fire and performed a traditional Naga dance! Then they chopped a leg off one of the Paki soldiers and literally barbecued it over the fire.

Both the Paki soldiers were let off the next morning, but not before the were made to hear this dialogue between a Naga Havildar and a Sepoy:

Sepoy: “Ustaad, inko rakhte hain, bilkul chicken jaisa taste hai.” (Can we keep them here? They taste like chicken).

Havildar: “Nahi re, inko jaane do, yeh dono bahut kamjor hain. Ab yahan 3 saal rehna hai; tu tension mat le, aur bahut mote tagde milenge.” (No. Let them go. They are weak. We’ll be here for the next 3 years. We’ll catch the fat ones.)


This news spread like wildfire, and the Pakis (Baluch Regiment) across the LOC were thereafter not to be seen even through binoculars, till the Naga battalion was replaced by another unit after 3 years.



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