Indians are boycotting Chinese goods. What about you?


China has declared that it will see India’s enemies and terrorists as tools. They are using Terrorists as way to threaten India. India never saw China as enemy. Though China didn’t reciprocate that. They are doing everything it can to stop India. That is not acceptable.

Last time they voted against India in NSG membership. Only country to do so. Now they are blocking India’s attempt to brand Jaish-e-Mohammed head Masood Azhar. This has been going on too far.

If we still buy their products just because it is Rs.20 cheap that shows our priorities more than their hatred towards Indians. Are we that desperate to look for Chinese when all products are available by Indian makers? Wont that benefit an Indian who is more deserving of our money than some Chinese who is openly against India’s interest?

Start from Today!!! Buy Indian Crackers. Ask specifically for Indian Made Products. If you are businessmen, please buy from a Indian Makers. Tell it to your customers. Indian interest is more important than 10 rupees!

Jai Hind! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
Be Indian and Buy Indian


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