Lessons learnt from India’s surgical strike against Pakistan.


Invaders attacked us 17 times. Prithviraj Chauhan managed to defend 16 attacks, but end up losing the 17th one. What Gajini did to him in the end is history. His eye balls were removed and his samadhi is in the current day Afghanistan.What if Prithviraj would have chased him down on the first go and removed the virus for once and all?



In 400 BC, When Vishnugupt Chanakya was Vice Chancellor of Takshashila university, Alexander invaded India! What Vishnugupt did to Alexander and rest of the Macedonians is also a piece of history! History reveals that he always believed in “जड़ों में मट्ठा डालना”,  Vishnugupt is the best leader/ visionary India ever had.


A little while ago PM said in Kojhikode, Pakistan in proxy war attacked 17 times in Kashmir valley in last one year,  managed to kill 18 soldiers in the 18th attack.



I am not qualified enough to comment on strategic issues, But we have two clear cut examples from the history. I hope PM will follow the right one at right time.


3 thoughts on “Lessons learnt from India’s surgical strike against Pakistan.

  1. If I have to truly think on strategies, I would say never attack…But you have pointed out crucial points of history… When you keep quiet n only defend yourself there will be a time when the defence will break… Not a strategist myself, just shared my view which has changed over time… A good read 😊👍🏼

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