A Missing Piece of History.


At the time of checking out from the hotel, I noticed a strange thing about the photograph hanging on the wall of the gallery section of the Radisson Blu Marina Hotel. I went, studied it closely & I was left awestruck. There was something about the photograph that surprised me. It was the statue of King George V which was removed after the Independence in 1960.


About 150 metres East of the India Gate war memorial, at a junction of six roads, is a 73-foot cupola, inspired by a sixth-century pavilion from Mahabalipuram.


Lutyens used four Delhi Order columns to support the domed canopy and its chhajja. Under the canopy on a pedestal with the Royal Coat of Arms and the inscription GEORGE V R I (‘Rex Imperator’, or ‘King Emperor’) there was a fifty-foot-tall (15.2 m) marble statue by Charles Sargeant Jagger of King George V, in his coronation robes, Imperial State Crown, British globus cruciger and sceptre, which sometime during or after the statue’s removal broke off.


Since the shifting of the old statue in the 1960s to Coronation Park to join other British Raj-era statues, it was often suggested that a statue of Mahatma Gandhibe placed under the cupola, where the king’s statue once stood.


The suggestion was even discussed in the Indian Parliament. In 1981, the Government in response to a question in parliament confirmed that it was considering the installation of Mahatma K Gandhi statue under the empty canopy, but nothing came of it.

Picture location – New Delhi, India.

Picture frame – The Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place, New Delhi, India.

Post courtesy – http://www.revolvy.com


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