Hypocrite Democrats of the USA.

They called Donald Trump a Hitler.
They called him Nazi.
They called him Dictator.
They put a nude statue of his with small penis in a famous public park and took selfies.

They joked that his mother applied banana leaves to her body and had sex with a Orangutan in a zoo to produce him. (remember, the same people called him anti woman, after insulting his dead mother very badly).

They made serious fun of his mouth, hair, hair colour, wife, children, brain size, hand size, penis size and much worse. Every part of his physical appearance, skin colour and intelligence was mocked.

They put out photoshopped pictures of his wife, in naked poses and mocked that she would be the first lady. (again, remember they called him anti woman).

They made fun of his businesses, his intentions and his aspirations. Even the President of US mocked that he can only dream of White House on his Trump casino signboard.

They did everything you can imagine to insult him for years. When they failed miserably, now they are calling HIM a racist and bad guy! And they are protesting with “say no to racism” placards.

Irony has died a million deaths in US. The so called liberals, socialists and leftists have lost it.. very badly!

Post courtesy – Someone on Facebook.


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