My country is under Renovation.


People of our generation have not seen revolutions. But I want you to realise this: under Narendra Modi, India is going through a revolution, a revolution of thought and mind that will change our way of living and transform India to emerge as a Great Power.

Currently, Modi is the most successful leader with a capable mind that is more than talk, introducing far-reaching changes in our thinking and attitudes to living. He is bound to win next elections. His surgical strike on Black Money has stopped flow of all hawala money from the Middle East into Kerala and from Pakistan into the hands of secessionists in Kashmir. It will cleanse elections, undercut corruption, propel economic growth, empower the honest man.

India is undergoing a very real and transformational revolution, a Modi Revolution. Modi is not a man, he is an idea, a set of ideas, a leader who leads by ideas, who has hospitable attitude of mind to new ideas. My sincere wish is that the RSS — or Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind for that matter — must produce more such leaders. Welcome to the #IndiaOfPradhanSevak !

Post courtesy – Tufail Ahmad (Facebook).


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