Pseudo Liberals of India . 

When Mohammad Shami is attacked by regressive, illiberal, fanatic muslims for sharing just a picture with his wife, suddenly according to some media people – it is the “social media” which is attacking. 

Oh, now it is “the social media”, is it? Where is that “political correctness” when people of other religion show such regressive mindset, and when sermons of “intolerance” are given out?
This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy, blindness, false-entitlement, and pseudo-liberal attitude of the left which deliberately refrains from pointing fingers and changing the status quo, that has encouraged the right-wing to rise like a people-wave and is engulfing the world – especially the West.
A major percentage of people are neither divisive nor filled with unconditional love. They are neutral people who go on with their lives in a normal manner, and do not have any agenda for voting governments. The narrative is created by the either extremes. As long as people don’t feel betrayed by unjust double standards of judgement – especially when it comes to liberalism – people always vote for socialist governments.
But recently, this blatant hypocrite mindset of “illiberal” left has irked and threatened those people, and shifted the demographic towards the right. That’s why we are looking forward to governments which are being built with populist speeches and hateful rhetoric.

As long as this attitude of left will continue, this demographic will be tilted towards the right. If you cannot seem to catch the nerve of people even now, and do not correct your mistake – it will be counter-productive and strengthen the right more in the coming years – thus being your own downfall. Perhaps it is best to see the right rule the next decade and shove your face with some realization of where you did the mistake.

Post courtesy : Bhak Sala (Facebook) 


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