Answer to Condescending Brits & rest of the world.


Volsted Gridban: Send up all the rockets you want, you still don’t have a pot to p!ss into. End your poverty first.

Gobshyte: Why all the fuss, its easy to put a satellite into space …I mean its hardly rocket science is it?

Matt Daley: No money to carry on the struggle against public defecation, cholera, starvation and endemic street begging, then? Ah well, nice to see India has its priorites right once again!

As usual the whites trolled India’s achievement of launching 104 satellites, but they were put in place by one amongst them:

Peter Aremone:

Dear Condescending Brits,

It is great to see you loathing and moaning in hatred against India’s achievements, not too long ago you took pride in calling yourself the No.1 Enslaver of the planet & built your ENTIRE wealth on the massacre & loot of tens of millions of Indians. Turning the richest, most educated nation on Earth back then into a cesspool of poverty, death, hunger & illiteracy while fattening yourselves & your children.

Now without colonizing any nation, India is back in the game purely by her own merit & hard work while you, the British are stuck with abusing India & Indians who are the highest educated people in UK & also the ones who qualitatively pay the most tax & are least likely to live on welfare than ANY other ethnicity including the White ethnicity.

Regarding Aid to India, if India merely asks back its wealth, Britain will have to toil for 50 years merely to pay India back its stolen wealth (without interest), yet India has told UK to its face to stop giving aid which mostly goes to shady criminal activities by Christian missionaries.


As India rises Scientifically & Technologically, Britain has fallen way beneath the feet of Germany in terms of Technology & Science, a nation that was razed to the ground after losing WW2 (rightly so).
And I hope you have the honesty to admit that while India’s rocket puts mostly the European countries satellites in the space cheaply as these so called developed countries, are unable to do it themselves!

Is the UK capable of doing even half of this?
India’s space program also helps alleviate poverty by being the only profitable space program on Earth currently as well as launching people oriented satellite projects that help poor farmers, poor fishermen, miners, students, scientists, professionals.

The materials engineering innovations by India’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) provides state of the art Prosthetic limbs FREE OF CHARGE to millions of Handicapped human beings not just in India but other poor nations as well — while UK sits on its fat posterior with an ever fattening population whilst a failing economy with NO space program at all to speak of to spearhead innovation & STEM education in UK.

Remember dear Brits, India’s TATA is the largest private employer in the UK & India is the 3rd largest investor in UK – India is actually providing jobs to millions of Brits whilst NOT looting you, NOT plundering you, NOT colonizing you DESPITE you having done worse on tens of millions of Indians.
If you have any self-respect, you will congratulate India for its meritorious by achievement & try do something yourself off it, or else it is better to be quiet & let others think you are not stupid than open your mouth & allay all doubts.👌👍

via WYO – Wear Your Opinion

Picture courtesy: ISRO.


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