After unprecedented victories in UP and Uttarakhand, BJP has inched ahead towards a majority in Rajya Sabha. This may be comforting for the party, but they should soon realize that BJP is going to have a challenging time ahead.

Most BJP supporters wanted BJP to attain a majority after which they don’t have excuses for delays and inefficiencies. For this, the supporters worked hard, defended the party from lies, rumors and attacks, they even ignored stupidity and evils of BJP leaders. But now that UP is won, the supporters will/should turn into critiques.


Not only that, Modi must have to change his role from a tough team builder to a brutal team administrator. The PM has more responsibility on his shoulders. 

Also, Modi followers should stop* caring about AAP and Congress and discuss more about what BJP is doing or what BJP is not doing.

*I will still make some jokes on Arvind and his supporters 😛

Post courtesy: Bhak Sala (Facebook)

Picture courtesy: Narendra Modi (Facebook).


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