Another terrorist attack.

Frankly speaking this Plane attack, Truck attack, Car attack, hammer attack, machete attack, axe attack, knife attack, Kalashnikov attack, grenade attack -all these things have become so common that I don’t even feel like talking about these.

This is ridiculously frequent and even more ridiculous is the same sad template that it follows.

  • Attack in a crowded place.
  • Horrifying footages.
  • A lull for 8-10 hours before terrorist identity is revealed.
  • A concerted braindead campaign by liberals.
  • Twitter wars between nationalists and pigheaded rationalists.
  • A gradual calm.
  • Another attack.


Post courtesy: The Frustrated Indian (Facebook).


2 thoughts on “Another terrorist attack.

  1. Very sad. I read the follow up article. He was a refugee denied asylum because of his background. Criminal already. On his personal laptop they found a lot of links and posts associated with ISIS and other radical groups. The world is getting tired of terrorism and eventually it will be retaliated against.

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