​London Bridge is falling down, falling down.

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, but terrorism has no religion. 

They will come and bomb your homes, ruin your countryside, turn vans into killing machines, but still, terrorism won’t have a religion.

The media will always be blind, always be shallow, and always support the radical extremists saying terrorism has no religion.

Are you going to remain blind, remain uninformed, remain clueless, or are you going to question the opinion claiming terrorism has no religion?

Post courtesy: The Frustrated Indian


2 thoughts on “​London Bridge is falling down, falling down.

  1. Of course, all these things can’t be an address for any religion. There is a sickness mind behind all these tragic events and attacks. They can’t be a human and a part of our great humanity. They have to be stopped.

    But, one thing, I don’t think that London Bridge is falling down. Yes, innocent people were killed and the fear was created as they wanted, but London Bridge can never fall down. Because there is a great humanity behind of her.

    I pray for all the people who lost their friends, lovers, relatives, and also I pray who died.

    God be with us!
    Love, nia

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    • Side effects of being too nice and large hearted to invite terrorists under the realm of refugees. Europe is not learning any lessons. UK is slowly becoming an epicentre or rather ‘part and parcel’ for terrorism in Europe.


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